About Dr. Jasmine Manning

My passion for naturopathic medicine comes from: the challenge of getting to the root cause of your dis-ease, the art of giving your body what it needs, and the delight of getting to witness it heal itself. I use botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and homeopathy coupled with lifestyle counseling to stimulate that innate healing capability of your body. By removing obstacles to cure and supporting your physiology to regain balance, your symptoms go away. My focus for patient care is meeting you where you are in the journey to better health and to inspire healthy change. I excel at formulating individualized plans for each patient’s unique case and believe that patient education and honest communication are pillars for the clinical relationship between doctor and patient.

I believe anyone who wants to feel better, can, but I often work with patients on: insomnia, digestive disorders, cardiovascular wellness, autoimmune conditions, thyroid conditions, healthy aging, prenatal and pregnancy care, stress management and anxiety. I hold special training certificates in homeopathy from The New England School of Homeopathy and in craniosacral therapy from The Upledger Institute.

With the vast amount of information available these days on the internet, both fact and fiction, making healthy changes can be a daunting task. Under my care you will have the expertise of a professional on your side and no longer need to scour the internet looking for the answer on your own.

I look forward to meeting you!

Yours in health,

 Jasmine Manning, N.D.